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Russian oil refineries
Designing of oil refineries
Construction of oil refineries
Modernization of oil refineries
Construction of bulk plants
Designing of bulk plants
Construction of bulk plants
Modernization of bulk plants
Construction of AFS
Designing of AFS
Construction of AFS
Modernization of AFS
Mini Oil Refineru
Designing of mini oil refineries
Construction of mini oil refineries
Water from Air
Construction Condensation Plant

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About company:

"AZSNEFTEBAZSTROY" has long-term, stable and perspective relationships with large representatives of oil complex and with their associated companies, and with numerous private enterprises of this field.

Construction company "AZSNEFTEBAZSTROY" that has ten-year experience in construction, designing, reconstruction, complement and servicing of oil-refining constructions, storage and production of fuels and lubricants carries out a full complex of construction-and-assembling operations beginning with the project and up to precommissioning. It also carries out servicing and modernization of oil project sites which are being already operated. Priority orientations of the company "AZSNEFTEBAZSTROY":

Project and construction-and-assembling operations at AFSs, bulk plants and other oil and gas project sites.

Precommissioning and servicing of oil and gas project sites.

Erecting, precommissioning and servicing of utilities and special processing facilities.

Erecting, remedial maintenance and reconstruction of oil and gas production.

Equipment support.

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