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Russian oil refineries
Designing of oil refineries
Construction of oil refineries
Modernization of oil refineries
Construction of bulk plants
Designing of bulk plants
Construction of bulk plants
Modernization of bulk plants
Construction of AFS
Designing of AFS
Construction of AFS
Modernization of AFS
Mini Oil Refineru
Designing of mini oil refineries
Construction of mini oil refineries
Water from Air
Construction Condensation Plant

     Products Information:

Welcome to the AZSneftebazstroy site! Our main specialization is construction of AFSs (auto fuel stations), RCs (refueling complexes), MFRCs (multi-fuel refueling complexes), AGFSs (auto gas-filling stations), bulk plants, boiler houses, medium-powered ORs (oil refineries), mini-ORs: erections of platformating, reforming, hydrofining, isomerization, hydrogen cracking and EDPs (electric desalting plants), and also installation and reconstruction of tanks.

In the current context it is important to get brief instructive information quickly. That is why I will tell you in few words about possibilities of our company in principle in order to save your time:

We gained great experience in designing, engineering and construction of turn-key AFSs and bulk plants. We carried out more than 140 projects all over the Russian Federation particularly for such companies as: LLC "Bologoenefteproduct", bulk plant of the Ministry of Defense of the RF (Selatino village, Sergiev Posad), Tulanefteproduct, Twernefteproduct, Elf-Oil. Mosnefteproduct and others guarantee: you will get from us holistic qualitative product which will faithfully make money for you during many years.

We deliver the full set of equipment and spares for AFSs and bulk plants, we also have wide network of services. Thousands of units of rigged up equipment all over Russia. Experience in delivery of equipment is about 13 years. We carry out stripping, anticorrosion treatment, strapping, defect detection of fuel tanks and pipelines.

We work out planning, technologic and architectonic-constructional projects of external and on-site utilities, automation systems, energy delivery and fire suppression of oil project sites. This work is carried out by our highly skilled licentiates in the area of industrial safety.

We can also propose the full set of technologies and decisions of oil deeper conversion. We offer a full complex of innovative and gained experience in construction and modernization of large oil refineries, used at medium-sized and small plants.

AZSneftebazstroy is:

  • Experience in delivery of company's equipment is more than 13 years.

  • Our company let more than 140 projects all over Russia which were successfully completed.

  • Our company gained twelve-year experience in construction, designing, reconstruction, complement and servicing of oil-refining constructions, storage and production of fuels and lubricants.

  • Any goods volume and any modes of payment are available.

  • Individual approach to requirements of each customer of our company.

  • We have only modern technologies of construction and reconstruction of oil project sites.

  • We received governmental license of engineering construction of oil and gas project sites.

  • Carefully selected cadre personnel. AZSneftebazstroy specialists gained many-year working experience all over the Russian Federation.

  • Latest News:

    Photographies of construction mini oil refinery in Mulino. September-November.


    AZSneftebazstroy has started modernization AFS in Narofominsk.

    AZSneftebazstroy has started construction AFS in Voskresensk.

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