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Construction of bulk plants.

The theme of the new bulk plants construction actively gains momentum in accordance with far-seeing plan of industrial and agricultural development. Under such conditions of the present-day economy the recoupment of such a complex becomes due in a year or a year and a half after bringing into operation.

AZSneftebazstroy supplies equipment from the best world manufacturers and carries out into practice all classes of work: beginning from designing of the bulk plant up to its construction and commissioning.

Oil products decrease losses at the bulk plants is first of all achieved by implementation of new equipment in oil terminals (new types of tanks, improved handling facilities, etc.).

Bulk plants technical upgrade

As you know the situation in the Russian market of oil products is discouraging: average return of bulk plants amounts from eight to twelve years. We propose a solution for a quick recoupment of a bulk plant which decreases the period of recoupment during no more than four years and in future allows to receive increased many times profit from your site.

We propose the following modules to increase productive capacity of your bulk plant:

  • Platformating is a module of oil products catalytic refining, used for receiving of high-octane number components of motor spirits and aromatics.

  • Reforming is a module of refining of petroleum naphtha in order to receive automobile gasoline, aromatics and hydrogen-bearing gas.

  • Electric desalting plant implements a process of oil desiccant drying and desalinization, oil atmospheric vacuum distillation and petrol rerun distillation.

  • Hydrofining is a module of refinement of motor fuels, oil and other oil products from contaminants of organic derivatives of scrape, oxygen and nitrogen.

  • Hydrogen cracking is a module of refinement of high-boiling oil fractions, oil residue or liquid asphalt for production of petrol, diesel and jet fuels, lube oils, etc.

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